Saturday, September 26, 2009

blogger sucks

I have decided to stop this blog as uploading pictures are a pain in the xxx.
Now everything will be posted at

Friday, September 11, 2009

las vegas trip 9/5 to 9/6




演唱會之前K姊約了吃Joel Robuchon,雖然她跟她的朋友有點小遲到,但是一切還算是順利.

去前做了小調查,以前除了知道這是個米其林三星的餐廳外其他的都不了,畢竟沒吃過嘛...套句大魔王常說的: 土噢....

由於餐廳離我們的飯店有點距離,所以之前有叫limo來帶我們,如果不是要來這餐廳我們這趟短短的vegas trip就不用dress up了...oh well...

先到了MGM VILLA 坐了一會





Saturday, September 5, 2009


today we are going to head to the 縱貫線 concert in Vegas.  Hopefully it will be good.  The four cats are all very talented except for one, 周華健is more of just a singer and nothing else, but don't get me wrong, he is talented as well, just don't as talented as the others IMO.

A few of us got together and dined at Akasaka last night.  I couldn't help but notice that the topics covered in a smaller group is almost always more serious than when done in a bigger group.  And since I am a little kid who hates the BS(though I have been crowned many times as the BS king...), I prefer small groups over big groups.  

Same thing for friends,  having a few close ones are far better than having a lot who only pretend that they care when they really don't.

I realize it is not that I feel "more comfortable" in small groups, but I despise wasting time in groups where the conversation surrounds by irrelevant fake talks.

That is when I keep my mouth shut and figure out when to make my exit without making a scene.  Either that or I am just thinking(about when to disappear).

It is a weird feeling that when you are surrounded by a large group of people, yet you feel like you are at a different world without any real ties to any of the people around you.  So the feeling is not a "I am part of the group" kinda feeling, but more like "an outlier" in statistics terms.

Here I am, in the wee hours yet have all these crazy ideas jumping around in my head.  Since childhood(a term I didn't know I would be using until...recently) I realized I tend to do a lot better in the morning regardless of what it was I was doing.  So I usually try to spend my AM hours wisely, and after work I just relax and put on my funny hat to release the stress within me.

PM hours is never the time for me to "work" on anything I consider important unless I really have to.  I rather just let ideas simmer a bit and if it is important enough I am sure it will hit me in the morning or later on in life.

I also realized my pattern of life is very different from most people I know.  But it is something I am very used to since I was very little.  For starter I write with my left hand, of course there are many lefties in the world, but I have not met any who ONLY write with the left hand but do everything else with the right hand, such as using chopsticks; shooting bballs, holding the badminton raquet and etc.

I wake up really early (5 or 6ish without alarm clock) and sleep earlier than most people as well(usually around 11:30).

Ooh, time to get ready for Vegas, I am ready for concert, and I am ready for Joel Robuchon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Before our Vegas trip we ent to 朝樓for lunch on a Friday.

I really liked the crab, when I am eating out, I usually wanna try the dishes that is not that easy to make at home. 雖然海鮮我還是比較prefer蒸或是煮的來吃原味,但是偶爾還是會想吃點大火炒的東西.而且便宜,一磅才$2.99 還是$3.99而已.但是有沒有浮報重量就不是外人可以知道的了.

They don't have those dim sum carts, instead, it is like Happy Harbor where you order what you want and they will bring it to you.  

There is always the good and bad about each option, with the carts and auntie figures walking around I always have a homely feeling, whereas when they bring what you order to you, "something was lost in translation" kinda feeling.

But in terms of value, I think this is a place worth checking out, especially during lunch time.  They have the 避風塘炒蟹and魯水鴨for a really good price, and you can order these even during dinner.







I just realized I didn't take picture of the dessert which had a scoop of mint ice cream and strawberries which was pretty good.  The problem with the 3 course meal was: small portion...






這讓我想到梁啟超以前把INSPIRATION直譯為:"煙士披里純" instead of "靈感".




Monday, August 31, 2009











所以... OK, understand(最後要飆高音).